12 Reasons Why a Water Ionizer Is a Must-Have Home Appliance

When shopping for home appliances, a water ionizer may not be a priority—or may not be included in your list at all. However, it should be! An alkaline water ionizer works by cleaning regular tap water and filtering it to become a healthier form of drinkable fluid. By increasing the water pH level, it offers a plethora of benefits for you, for your family, and your home.


Here’s a few of the many benefits of this home appliance.

1. Better-Tasting Water

Unlike regular water filter systems, water ionizers go a step further than just filtering. The water that goes into the machine undergoes a sophisticated electrolysis process to separate its negative and positive ions, increasing its pH level. One of the effects when the water becomes more alkaline is that it tastes better than tap water. With this machine, you won’t have to tolerate the weird taste of baking soda and lemon water to neutralize your body’s acidity level.

2. Chlorine-Free Drinking Water

The machine filters tap water in order to free it from chlorine and give you a clean drinking water. If you can drink alkaline water for life in Singapore, this ensures that you and your family are not exposed to harmful impurities, chemicals, and bad bacteria that can potentially cause serious health problems. By getting yourself an alkaline water ionizer, you can be sure that your water is safe to drink.

3. Better Hydration

After undergoing electrolysis process, water molecules are divided into smaller sizes, enabling better and faster penetration to cellular membranes. This means ionized water is absorbed more easily into the body and provides better and more efficient hydration than tap water. Proper hydration is extremely important for the health, energy level, and overall well-being, making water ionizer a must-have appliance to have at home.

4. Anti-Cancer Properties

Alkalized water is also known to contain anti-cancer properties. Water with higher pH level helps reduce the effects of cancer and other chronic diseases. According to researches, medical experts in Singapore also believed that ionized water helps delay progress of tumours by preventing growth of blood vessels that feed the tumours.

5. Better Blood Circulation

Alkaline water is also great for ensuring blood circulation. Water with higher pH levels reduces oxidization, since it contains negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential). With high amount of negative ORP, the water is able to slow down potential damage caused by free radicals in the bloodstream.

6. Natural Energizer

It is a known fact that water is nutrient, but alkaline water is a much more potent nutrient. As proven by many health experts in Singapore, cells in the body that luck oxygen runs the risk of turning into cancerous cells. As mentioned, alkalized water delivers nutrients throughout the body more efficiently than any bottled or tap water, providing you with more energy for day-to-day activities.


7. Healthier Skin

Using a water ionizer to alkalize your drinking water is also beneficial for the skin. Because the water becomes less acidic, plus its hydrating properties, drinking ionized water everyday ensures that your skin is well-hydrated and cleansed from impurities. With all the pollutants we get in contact with on a daily basis, the water ionizer can be your quick and easy solution for a clearer and healthier looking skin.

8. Delays Aging

Aside from ensuring proper skin hydration, alkalized water contains antioxidants that help delay premature aging of cells. Because of the high level of oxygen in the water, drinking it prevents cell damage that causes signs of aging.

9. Detoxification

On a daily basis, we accumulate more toxic in our system. Easily detoxify your body at home by making your own alkaline water. The water removes toxins accumulated from the environment, unnatural foods, prescription medicines, and the ‘normal’ aging process. Acid wastes stock in the body for too long can lead to more serious health complications. By using a water ionizer at home, you can neutralize the acidity of your body and wash away acidic waste products from tissues and cells.

10. Home Cleaning Properties

Alkaline water ionizers are not only for alkalizing water, but turning tap water into acidic ionized water as well. Acidic water from water ionizer is a chemical-free product you can use to clean surfaces at home. As a result, your home becomes cleaner in a way that’s safe for the entire family, especially the kids. Unlike commercial household products, you don’t have to worry about your children getting hold of your cleaning solutions.

11. Disinfecting Properties

Since this is a safe cleaning solution, you can disinfect glass and plastic baby products, such as pacifiers, baby bottles, and teething toys, with acidic ionized water. Take the items you want to disinfect and soak them for an hour in a bowl of ionized water. Once done, place them in a clean cloth to dry.

12. Stain Removal

Acidic ionized water does not only clean surfaces, but clothes and other household items as well. From baby clothes and denims to tablecloths and thick bed sheets, ionized water can remove stubborn stains from almost any kind of fabric. Simply place the items you need to wash in a tub of ionized water with detergent and let them soak for an hour (or more for thicker items). Not only it does remove stains, but also disinfects them without the harsh effects of bleach.

With all these, it’s easy to see why water ionizers are becoming a must-have household appliance in Singapore. These machines offer countless of advantages that benefit almost every aspect of our lives.


The Wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar



You should never underestimate what apple cider vinegar can do. Be prepared to be amazed because it can actually change your life. You did not hear about its wonders that was why you ignored it all these years but do you know that apple cider vinegar has been used by the world since 400 B.C? In fact, it was used by Hippocrates for myriad of things.

apple cider vinegar

So, what makes apple cider vinegar a wonder? Singaporeans are entitled to know the uses of apple cider vinegar and how it can change lives. Here’s the list:

It can serve as a non-toxic cleaner

An ordinary and commercial vinegar can be a good household cleaner but if it is apple cider, it is excellent. To make your very own cleaning solution, you just need to mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. If you have elbow grease, do not forget to add little. This can help you maintain a clean and healthy home environment.

It can be an odor neutralizer

Sometimes your long yields off unpleasant smell and that is where apple cider vinegar comes on. If you are the home owner, you would want these odors to go away. The easiest solution is to put apple cider vinegar near the smell that offends you. It can actually get rid of the smell. Give it time.


It can actually help in weight loss

According to a study, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that can slow down fat accumulation. Some people just drink it raw but if the taste is too strong for you, you can just add a tablespoon to salad dressings and juices. Apple cider vinegar can give you an illusion of fullness so you will eat less.

It can facilitate detox

You already know that apple cider vinegar can “detox” your home by getting rid of foul smell and bacteria. It does not end there because apple cider vinegar can actually facilitate detox. It can help with detoxifying the liver.

It can help you by boosting energy

Days are tiring especially if you know that you worked hard. Times like these you need a boost and apple cider vinegar can help you with your energy. It contains potassium and many enzymes.

The good news is that you can avail all these wonders if you purchase it right away. There are many apple cider vinegars available in supermarkets. You just need to make sure that the next time you go for grocery, apple cider vinegar is on your list.

If you want, you can even make your very own homemade apple cider vinegar.


Careers for Non-degree Holders



You should know that your life will not end when you do not take higher education. Sure graduating and getting your degree is important here in Singapore but it is not everything. People should know that graduate or not, there are careers for them. Do not lose hope and fret.


There are many interesting careers out there for non-degree holders. All you need is patience and perseverance. Business Insider actually released a list of high paying careers for non-degree holders. Here’s the list:

  • Nuclear technicians: You might be surprised that nuclear technicians do not need to be a college degree holder. The minimum education required is associate degree. The average annual salary is $78,850.


  • Gaming managers: As for gaming managers, the minimum education required is high school graduate or equivalent. The average annual salary is $77,770.


  • First line supervisors of fire fighting: The minimum education required for a first line supervisor of fire fighting is postsecondary non-degree. The average annual salary is $74,970.


  • Dental hygienists: For dental hygienists, the minimum education required is associate degree. The average annual salary is $72,720.


  • Transportation inspectors: The minimum education required for transportation inspectors is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $72,220.


  • Power plant operators: The minimum education required for a power plant operator is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $71,070.


  • Diagnostic medical sonographers: The minimum education required for a diagnostic medical sonographer is associate degree. The average annual salary is $70,880.


  • Web developers: As for web developers, the minimum education required is associate degree. The average annual salary is $70,660.


  • Postmasters: The minimum education required for a postmaster is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $70,540.


  • Agricultural managers: As for agricultural managers, farmers and ranchers, the minimum education required is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $69,880.


  • Magnetic resonance imaging technologists: The minimum education required for magnetic resonance imaging technologists is associate degree. The average annual salary is $68,340.


  • Real estate manager: The minimum education required for real estate or property manager is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $68,250.


  • Petroleum pump system operators: The minimum education required for petroleum pump system operators is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $66,020.


  • Mechanics and repairers: The minimum education required for a mechanic or repairer is high school diploma. The average annual salary is $65,890.


  • Gas plant operators: The minimum education required for gas plant operators is high school graduate. The average annual salary is $65,830.

Now that you know there is so much in the world even if you are not a graduate, it is time that you move your feet.


Advantages of Online Transactions


Businesses who offer online payment processing service are way ahead compared to others who still don’t have this option. From the perspective of the customers who need this service, there are several purposes into which you can fully utilise it. Below are few of the things wherein you can use this service:


For reservations in hotels, restaurants or flights

Your current job may have already drain most of your energy these past few weeks. If you want to unwind first and find the best relaxation, then it’s better if you will plan now. Are you thinking of visiting tourist spots in your country or overseas? Do you want to invite your other half for a dinner date? Do you have kids who always long to have a quality time from you for your bonding moments?

Would you love to see yourself in a place wherein you have not been before? As your list seems so endless where you will really be heading, think also of the other matters such as to how much you will need. Once you have the money allocated for your leisure, then start booking the hotel, restaurant or flight that you want to be in. Have the convenience of doing your payment with the help of the cheapest online payment processing.

For purchasing tickets of popular artists

Artists in the field of entertainment always have something great in store for their fans. They present their albums, do music videos, perform exuberantly in front of a great multitude of spectators, etc. Are you an avid fan of a particular artist or group? Or are you an aficionado of the genre of music they are known for? Do you love more the artists than the songs? Or do you simply love the kind of music they play?


Whichever you are from these, for sure you desire to attend concerts and enjoy the powerful ambiance.  There is a rewarding feeling hearing them live. However, oftentimes it is difficult to purchase tickets especially if the artist is very famous. Once the producers announce the release of the tickets, within hours or few days it all become sold out. For securing a ticket for yourself, depend on a company with a best online payment processing. In this way, you will be assured of being one of those fortunate fans to watch them live.

For acquiring products especially if they came from another country

The emergence of online shopping provides both ease and practicality for the consumers. You can find almost everything under the sun in their catalogue. You can find the latest gadgets being offered. For collectors who seeks to acquire hard-to-find and rare items, some online stores post exactly what they are looking for. Pre-owned items like books are often sold too in the Internet. Cuddly stuffed toys of all sizes can be ordered and delivered also.

Things needed at home like furniture, appliances and decorations are available too in the list of other online shops.  Whatever you need, you can find what you want for yourself or for a loved one as a gift.  What makes this online shopping possible both for the sellers and buyers is the online payment processing service. No need to proceed to the nearest bank for the customers can pay within their cosy home.


IT Support for Business Providers


With the unlimited wants and needs of different consumers, the companies continually keep up with their pace to give the products and services for them. Thus, the productivity of their operations should not be hampered. One way to assure that the productivity is maintained at the optimum level is getting the IT support for business. But before the company choose which the best IT provider for them is, they should take some factors into consideration first. The following paragraphs are five tips they may use as reference:


The provider adheres to the needs of the business entities in its planning and implementation period.

There is no business firm which is exactly the same as the others. Similar to the fingerprint of the human being, each is distinct on its own. Even though there are several companies who have the same nature of business with one another, their operations and other aspects are all different. One of the differences they can have is the business IT network support.

Depending on what the company needs, there will be the most ideal IT support for their operations. The responsibility of the IT support provider is to adhere to all the needs of the business firms both for their planning and implementation period. First and foremost, the companies got their services which is a third party because they are aware that experts are better in handling the things they plan best for the company especially in their productivity.


The charges should be reasonable for the specific IT services.

The computer support for business which the companies, like large-scale corporations, absolutely need should be acquired from providers who can give a reasonable amount. There are numerous IT support providers who can offer the same services and products but more often, they have different charges. Companies should keep on looking for various IT support providers and come up with a list of comprehensive comparisons among them all.

There is a possibility that the business firm can find the services and products which are definitely required for their operation and at the same time offers the cheapest amount in the most flexible solution. Of course, there will the best IT provider whom the company will select that will become their reliable partner for their operations. The competition is tough among IT providers and it is a continuous challenge for them to set their best foot forward in the market today.

The provider must be flexible enough for the changes.

The IT support for business provider which the company had chosen must always be compliant as much as possible to all the needs of the company even if it will require them to adjust in the middle of the services they are giving. For example, the business entity already decided of the particular back-up recovery plan.

Then in the process when the IT provider is currently implementing the agreed system, the company decided to go for an additional feature in the system which they want to see along with what was earlier agreed upon because they would like to see a more secured back-up system. This will be a big challenge for the IT provider because the adjustments can be difficult or time-consuming but this is also an opportunity for them to showcase how committed they can really be for delivering their products and services.


A Beginner’s Guide to Flea Market Shopping

Flea markets are the perfect place to find high quality clothing, furniture, trinkets, and antiques at a fraction of their original price. However, shopping at these places can be overwhelming sometimes, especially for the first-timers. Worry not though, since we’ve listed down the best tricks and tips for shopping like a pro in a flea market, and finding the perfect item that you can add to your home.


  1. Dress Accordingly

Keep in mind that you’re going to a flea market and not on a date, so make sure to dress like it. The prices of the items on a flea market are always negotiable, but vendors are less likely to haggle with you if look like someone who doesn’t need a discount. So leave your flashy wedding ring at home, and just opt for a casual ensemble with a comfy flat shoes, and a cross-body bag.

  1. Bring Enough Cash

Most markets, especially the ones in the outdoors, only accept cash so ensure that you bring enough with you. Negotiating is also easier if you have a wad of cash in your pocket, instead of a credit card. Also, consider bringing smaller bills as some vendors might not have enough change for bigger bills.

  1. Shop With a Game Plan

A good way to make the most out of your flea market visit is to think ahead about what you’d like to buy. Creating a game plan allows you to be less overwhelmed with the sea of choices present. That said, don’t be so laser focused that you ignore a lovely chair just because it’s not on your to-buy list.


  1. Bring Some Towing Tools

Bringing along a folding utility cart or a wagon would be a smart decision, especially if you’re planning to purchase big items. Doing this will prevent you from going back and forth to your car, and keep you from missing out on good deals. But if you’ll be at an out of town flea market, consider renting a cart instead.

  1. Haggle Kindly

Don’t be intimated to bargain with the vendors. A good rule of thumb is to ask for a 15-20 percent discount, and hope to land at 10 percent off. But if a vendor doesn’t have enough wiggle room on a particular item, stop pushing it. Remember that their goal might be to make a sale, but they also have expenses to consider.

Although haggling in a flea market may seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, putting these tips to work on your first visit will surely help you land a perfect item, and give you an unforgettable flea market experience.


How to Slay the Flat Lay Photography Style


We all know that cute styling, great lighting, and perfectly arranged props are the foundation of a cool Instagram flat lay. Still, regardless of how much we try, our snaps still fail to turn out the way we imagined it to be. But fret not, as we’ve listed down some of top tips on how you can take a flat lay photo like a pro.

Flat lay exmaple_Lust Have It!

  1. Proper Lighting is Everything

Using the right lighting can mean a huge difference between a blurry and grey image, and a bright, perfectly shot photo. But there’s no need for you to have fancy studio lights to make this happen. In fact, the natural lighting that goes through the windows of your home is already enough to help you take lovely photos of any subject that you like.

Photography experts also recommend doing your shoot in the morning, since the early daylight is much cooler, and produces a better contrast between the background and the subject.

  1. Invest on Quality Tools and Props

When it comes to props, photography experts believe that there are really no rules on how you should use one. Just make sure that you choose and use your props sparingly to avoid taking away the spotlight from your subject.

To make shooting much easier, invest on a Manfrotto tripod to facilitate a hands-free photo-taking session. In addition, purchase a white poster board or a while medium density fibreboard to create a quick and cheap surface for your shoot.


  1. Keep Your Subject and Props Organized

Organize your materials based on their colour, shape and size. Also, place them in a harmonious way by leaving spaces between each product to create balanced shots. If you’re having trouble keeping your subject in place, use a plasticine clay to adhere your materials to the surface of your choice.

  1. Use the Right Photography Application

Just like photography, editing images is a task that requires a lot of trial and error. So to achieve the flat lay look that you want, try using various editing applications.

Cortex Camera is a good app choice if the environment you’re shooting in has very low light, and if you want to improve the definition and quality of your shots. Apart from Cortex Camera, Snapseed is also a great app to use to manipulate your images. The app does the same work as most editing programs, but in a more natural and fluid way.

Unlike what we believe in, using a flat lay photography style is actually quite easy. So put the aforementioned tips to work to help you shoot flat lay photographs like a pro.


Choosing Makeup Based on Your Skin Complexion

Makeups are specially formulated to enhance and accentuate beauty not the other way around. When applying makeup, one should be knowledgeable about it. Makeups have their own science and it should be respected. If not, you’ll end up being a laughingstock. Whether you wear makeup going to parties or going to work, you should know the perfect palette for you.


Knowing your palette should not be a struggle. Singaporean women should know how to determine skin tone first. In order to determine it, you have to stand in a well-lighted room without putting makeup. Look at yourself closely in the mirror and scrutinize your cheeks. If you have a magnifying mirror, that would be best. After closely studying your cheeks in the mirror, here are some things that you need to know to determine your skin complexion and what palettes to consider:

Warm Complexion

When your skin reflects a peach, orange or gold undertone, you definitely have a warm complexion. When you have a warm complexion, it is imperative that you use the right color palettes to accentuate your beauty. Do not just choose anything. When looking for makeups, you have to consider earthy hues like orange, brown, coral, gild and green. These will surely look good on you. It does not end there, should you choose to combine colors, try blends like red brown, red orange and blue green. For neutrals, try tan, beige and brown black.


Cool Complexion

When your skin reflects violet, pink and blue undertones, you definitely have a cool complexion. When you have cool complexion, it is important that you choose pastel colors like dark blue, purple, pink, red and burgundy. For blends, you can consider blue purple and purple pink. Finally, women that have cool complexion should consider neutrals such as black, grey and white.

Now that you know your complexion, the next thing that you have to consider is makeup tutorial. Remember that when applying makeup, you should balance hues. When balancing color, you need to identify one area of your face where you want to highlight thereby applying brightest colors there. You should keep the rest of your makeup light. Never try to put together bold or dark shades to your eyes, lips and cheeks at one time.

The good news is that there are many types and kinds of makeup in your makeup department. You only need to ask and purchase it. Makeups are not necessary but it can make a difference at the end of the day.


How to Pick the Right Colors for Your Eyes

They say that eyes are the window of the soul. It can also be the difference between an ordinary day and extraordinary one. There is no doubt that makeups can enhance and highlight beauty. If in this case you want to emphasize the beauty of your eyes, there are few things that you have to know. Remember that with the right eye color combination, you will look rather ravishing.


When picking the right eye color, it is imperative that you know your skin undertone so you will know what to consider. Now not knowing your skin complexion is a waste of time and resources. It is a waste of time because you have to constantly look for the right color and a waste of resources because you have to purchase one or more set. To avoid this, skin complexion should be discovered.

There are only two kinds of skin complexion – warm and cool skin. If you have orange, gold or peach undertone, you have a warm complexion. Warm complexions are best with earthy colors like brown, coral, green, gold and orange. If you have violet or pink undertone, you have a cool complexion. Cool complexions are best with pastel colors like dark blue, purple, pink, red and burgundy.

Here are some tips on picking the right colors for your eyes:

  • Blue eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned blue-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include brown, green, gold, coral and other neutral colors. You have to avoid turquoise-colored eye shadows.
  • Blue eyes and cool skin: For cool skinned blue-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include purples and pinks. However, you have to avoid blue-colored eye shadows.
  • Green eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned green-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include neutral colors like gold, coral and brown. You have to avoid green-colored eye shadows.


  • Brown eyes and warm skin: For warm skinned brown-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues include coral, gold, green, brown, burgundy and blue-green. You have to avoid brown-colored eye shadows.
  • Brown eyes and cool skin: For cool skinned brown-eyed persons, recommended eye shadow hues is virtually any hue. It can work nicely with any hue and there is nothing to avoid.

Now that you know the right color for your eyes, you can buy as many and practice applying it. However you have to remember to balance your makeup. Since you want to emphasize your eyes, keep the rest of your face (e.g lips and cheeks) light.


Tell-Tale Signs That You’re an Avid Traveler


Traveling is a way of life for many in Singapore. It is not just a form of recreation but already a lifestyle, especially with many Singaporeans traveling to multiple destination in a month. Whether it’s for business or leisure – it’s clear that Singaporeans are among the most avid travelers in the world. But there are also some people who just didn’t develop a liking for traveling. How can you tell if a person is a traveler or not? Is there a way to tell without asking or looking at their passport document?


Here are some of the most obvious signs that a person is a traveler:

Your social media accounts show you are

It’s a no-brainer when all of your social media accounts show that you are. Your profile pictures in all of your social media accounts and your Facebook cover photo are taken from one of your trips. Your posts are all about your travels. You keep sharing posts from your favorite travel sites. You follow individuals who are fellow travelers, as well as popular travel groups and accounts. Your Facebook friends and online followers are always updated of where you are.

You have travel photos that show you are

Your social media accounts are full of your travel photos and travel albums. You keep frames of your travel photos on your office desk. Your bedside table has a photo frame from one of your travels. Your room is full of your favorite travel photos. Even your face is almost always seen on travel. You already have a sun-kissed skin that’s almost always associated with beaches and spending leisure hours under the sun.

Your favorite quotes are about travelling

You share plenty of quotes that encourage travelling and you’ve even memorized most of these travel quotes. The wallpaper on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other digital device remind you the joys of travelling. Even your wall clock is encouraging you to travel. You always emphatically and excitedly agree when someone considers going on a trip. You even volunteer to offer some travel tips.


You’re always saving up for your next trip

New Year to you means new sets of travels again. You can’t allow letting a year pass by without any travels abroad and within Singapore. You have a list of the places you want to visit next even before you’re done with your current trip. The purpose of saving for you is to save up for your upcoming trip. It doesn’t even matter that you’re broke after your trips. Your rationale is that you work to travel. Without a travel to look forward to, working is just plain labor and won’t be as exciting.

Your collection is pieces from your travels

Your room is just a bunch of travel memorabilia. Since traveling is your passion, you decided to collect pieces that are travel-related. Some travelers collect ref magnets, coffee cups, wall clocks, coins, art decors, t-shirts, etc – all coming from the different countries they’ve been to.